What types of veterinary instruments include?

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1. Ultrasonic inspection instrument

The ultrasonography instrument can be used for pregnancy detection, diagnosis of abdominal lesions, and examination of heart function for small animals such as dogs and cats. Through the high-frequency oscillation of ultrasound, the structure and functional status of the animal's internal organs can be clearly observed, effectively helping veterinarians to accurately diagnose diseases and formulate treatment plans.

2. Blood Analyzer

The blood analyzer can be used to quickly detect the blood indicators of animals, such as white blood cell count, hemoglobin concentration, platelet count, etc. It can provide comprehensive and accurate blood test data to help veterinarians discover, diagnose and treat animal diseases in time.

3. Ventilator

A ventilator can provide mechanical ventilation support to maintain vital signs in critically ill animals. It can be used in surgery, anesthesia, first aid, etc., effectively ensuring the safety of animals.

4. Disinfector

The sterilizer can effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses that prevent the spread of animal diseases, and thoroughly sterilize the working environment and surgical instruments. The use of sterilizers can greatly reduce the risk of infection for veterinarians and animals, and ensure the smooth progress of veterinary work.

In short, there are many instruments and equipment that need to be used in veterinary work. These equipment can effectively promote the health of animals and play a vital role in veterinary work. Of course, when using these instruments, veterinarians need to operate carefully to ensure that every step is correct, so as to ensure the effect and quality of work.

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